Value-Added Logistics

Handling logistics for our customers is an integral part of our business model. As a value-added service for our customers, we are able to manage the entire logistics chain. This includes:

  • imports into our bonded facilities
  • warehousing
  • inventory management
  • stocking of third party purchases
  • cross-docking and packaging
  • handling of documentation
  • customs
  • EU and US veterinary requirements
  • freight forwarding (truck, container, airfreight)
  • communication with agents in the port of delivery

Inventory Management & Third Party Logistics

Our bonded facilities and frozen, chilled and dry warehouses are specially equipped to handle all of our customer’s incoming & outgoing products. This includes the capacity to securely stock customer’s third-party purchases on an inventory-management basis.

Warehousing & Just-in-time Deliveries

We anticipate demand and constantly stay in touch with our customers to ensure worldwide just-intime deliveries. Pick lists & pallets are always structured according to our customers’ demands. We can also handle the consolidation of pallets with goods from different suppliers on our site. We can deliver quickly and according to client demands, including mixed loads, bulk deliveries or groupage.

As an additional service to our clients we hold stock buffers to support our customers in case of emergencies, or unplanned events.

Traceability, Case-by-case labeling, Barcode & Security Systems

Our logistical solutions are supported by the newest IT systems: we offer complete traceability of goods at all times, as well as the highest standard of security and quality management. We consider services such as case-by-case labeling, barcode systems and pallet sheets a standard for all our customers.

Customs & Veterinary Clearances, Communication with Port Agents

Communication with our forwarding partners as well as port agents is part of our daily business. We have established a great network of logistical service providers, which makes us flexible in handling last-minute requests and guarantees good freight prices. Our forwarding department is specialized in taking care of all customs clearance and has in depth knowledge in dealing with US and European veterinary requirements.