history-1View some highlights from our 125 year history – since 1888!

1888 The Port of Bremen is inaugurated and Wilhelm Janssen Schoemaker and Diedrich Schoemaker start operating a ship supply business under the company name of Gebr. Schoemaker

1913 Staff numbers grow to 21 (up from five in the early years)

1919 The Schoemaker brothers are not only ship chandlers but also majority owners of a proud sailing ship: the barque “Olga Mathilde”

history-21919-1939 Gebr. Schoemaker works for no less than 183 German and foreign shipping companies

1937 The whaling ship “UNITAS” begins its sea trials; well stocked by Gebr. Schoemaker with everything the supply business offers. Gebr. Schoemaker is also commissioned to supply the stores for its first 9-month-long voyage in the Antarctic. The whaling fleet includes eight catchers, some of which accompany their “mother ship” during the sea trials

1938 Luxury Liners sail on the traditional route from Bremerhaven to New York. The provisions for the passengers are supplied by Gebr. Schoemaker. Even today, Gebr. Schoemaker has its own coffee blend

1945-1963 In 1948, German ships were once again permitted to carry cargo and German ship stores supply merchants could again offer their services to foreign vessels. At this time, Gebr. Schoemaker immediately weighs anchor. Gebr. Schoemaker succeeds in regaining some 40 per cent of its order volume by 1950, and continued a stable growth afterwards

history-31967 On 1st May, Jochen Heyke takes over the management of Gebr. Schoemaker as the general partner
1973 In only ten days, Gebr. Schoemaker delivers 900 tons of provisions for the 6,300 UN troops stationed on the neutral zone on the Suez Canal

1978 Gebr. Schoemaker moves to a new working base in the Bayernstrasse with modern facilities employing a staff of 70

1989 The company’s new administration building is completed

2000 New additional state of the art dry and refrigerated warehouses are built. With capacities of a total space for more than 5,000 pallets and more than 30.000 m3 or 1,1 Mio. cubic feet, Gebr. Schoemaker is prepared for the new Millennium and the challenges of a global market

history-42003/4 Further addition of office and warehouse capacity to meet market growth

2005 A new state of the art ERP system is implemented

2006 Jörg Heyke becomes majority managing partner. HACCP approval granted

2009 Growth continues. Gebr. Schoemaker employs over one hundred people for the first time, and wins apprenticeship award for the training of the best student in her year

2011 Gebr. Schoemaker services more than fifty different cruise ships on a continuous basis throughout the world. To manage the ever-growing business, the firm’s real estate and warehousing facilities are revamped. Over 3000 additional storage positions are added. Gebr. Schoemaker receives the status of a European Union Certified Economic Operator – AEO

2012 Gebr. Schoemaker loads over 5,000 trucks. Again winning the apprenticeship award

2013 Storage capacities extended further, taking over the management of another big warehouse facility. Jennifer Heyke joins the company