Technical Stores, Deck & Engine Stores

Our significant level of experience in supplying these products ensures access to the highest quality products and short lead times. We have specialized buyers with the knowledge to find any item. Please see below for an overview of some of the products we offer.

Deck, Engine & Electrical Stores

…including all kinds of tools (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical) of different qualities & voltages, rigging equipment, ladders packings, jointings, valves, bearings, screws & nuts, sealing and measuring tools

Ropes & Hawsers

…including all kinds of mooring ropes, hawsers, wire ropes, pp-ropes, manila ropes, sling wire ropes in all constructions as well as special-made ropes (for cranes & winches)

Nautical Equipment & Publications

…including BA charts, IMO publications, bridge items, nautical printer equipment (paper rolls)


…including all medicines as per WHO list

Safety Equipment

…including lifesaving equipment (immersion suits, life boat & raft accessories), firefighting equipment (hoses, suits, extinguishers) as well as IMO signs/symbols, detecting items, safety belts, masks, vests and many more

Steel, Pipes & Fittings

…including all kinds of steel (flat, round, angle, square) as well as pipes & fittings (in all kinds of materials & dimensions)


…including all kinds of papers, pens, printers (equipment, cartridges), files, pads, envelopes, markers etc.

Spare parts

Customers in need of any spare parts, should contact their Key Account Manager to advise on the best solutions.