Food & Provisions

We offer crew an extensive assortment of frozen, dry and chilled goods for their long voyages. We guarantee the best possible products at the best prices, short lead times and constant availability. To deliver this, our purchasing department buys only the freshest products and initiates constant quality controls.</p><p>Our purchasing department is determined to make sure that crew receives the best service to ensure productive and fulfilling journeys at sea.


One of our key capabilities is the economical supply of chilled goods that often come with a short shelf life. We buy fruits & vegetables as well as dairy products from our European vendors to ensure products have the longest possible shelf life over lengthy journeys at sea.


We have two vast frozen warehouses able to store not only essential proteins but also a variety of other items such as ice cream, frozen vegetables and frozen bakery products.


We can supply our customers with a cost effective variety of meat & poultry as well as sustainable seafood solutions – always keeping in mind our customers’ desired level of quality and quantity. From our extensive supplier network we can source products from anywhere in Europe, to the US and South America.


Our extensive dry goods offer includes well-priced canned foods, flour and bakery products as well as spices and seasoning / sauces and many more.